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YWAM Podcast show

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The YWAM Podcast will bring you the latest stories from Youth With A Mission about missions news, training and short term and long term opportunities from around the world.

By YWAM Podcast

Podcasts from the Center for Courage & Renewal show

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When we reconnect who we are with what we do, we approach our lives and our work with renewed passion, commitment, and integrity. The Center for Courage & Renewal is a nonprofit founded by Parker Palmer that helps foster personal and professional renewal through retreats that offer the time and space to reflect on life and work. These retreats, called Courage to Teach®, Courage to Lead®, or Circles of Trust®, are led by skilled facilitators and make use of poetry and stories, solitude, reflection, and deep listening. Our podcasts feature Parker Palmer, as well as other inspiring speakers, who speak to the importance of reconnecting "soul" and "role". Please visit our website for more information.

By Center for Courage & Renewal

Data Talks with Ashutosh Nandeshwar show

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A show about how data and technology are shaping our world every day with your host Ashutosh Nandeshwar, PhD. Most popular topics: data, machine learning, AI, start up, success, career, advice, storytelling. Learn more about the host at

By Ashutosh Nandeshwar

Shout Your Cause show

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COVID-19. The world responds. Hear stories from all over the world.

By Sally Hendrick

Breaking the Bias show

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Only 2% of our biases come from our conscious. That means 98% of our biases are coming from our unconscious state. Breaking The Bias dives into these individual stories by interviewing individuals who are champions of Diversity and Inclusion every day. Take a Stand. Speak up. Let's Shake Up the Status Quo, Together.

By Consciously Unbiased

Dash with Carol Dixon show

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Dash is you. Dash is your life which should be filled with wise choices, adding life to your living, bringing forth total change for the total man, body, mind, and spirit. Freeing one to know their identity yielding direction, scope, purpose, and value - a new quality​​ of living.

By Dr. Carol E. Dixon



Du willst mehr Geld, mehr Zeit und mehr Lebensqualität? Dann bist Du hier genau richtig! Dieser Podcast wird Dir zeigen wie Du durch Kostenoptimierungen, mehr Geld zu Verfügung hast für die wichtigeren Dinge des Lebens. Du wirst dauerhaft mehr Geld haben und kannst dir dein Leben freier gestalten, ohne das Du am Ende des Monats wenig oder gar kein Geld zu Verfügung hast. Ich wünsche Dir viel Spaß mit diesen Podcast und das Du dein Leben so gestalten kannst, wie Du es dir wünschst. GESCHENKE: ►Wie Du (fast) GRATIS Urlaub machen kannst: ►Wie Du GRATIS Markenprodukte im Supermarkt kaufen kannst: ... Gemafreie Musik von

By Der Kostenoptimierer

Premier Partners Podcast show

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How are you measuring your business growth? How are you making sure you and those around you come ready to play the game of business each and every day? How are you leveling up your skills to play a bigger game? Join Peter Marcus from Businesslife Global as he shares with you conversations that will transform the way you “play” the game of business that he has used as an entrepreneur for the past 20 years! Here on The Premier Partners Podcast Peter helps uncover how you can start playing a bigger game in your business and life right now. Go to for more free resources and info.

By Peter Marcus

Unlocking Your Nonprofit Potential show

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Step-by-step, easy to follow tips on using Facebook and Instagram from the nonprofit point of view. Hosted by writer and social media entrepreneur Lauren Creagan, Unlocking Your Nonprofit Potential covers topics like how to create quality posts and managing three audiences: your volunteers, donors and the people you serve - all on a shoestring budget. Lauren walks with you all along the way as you implement new strategies for your organization and use social media as tools to manage and promote your mission, events and fundraisers. If you lead or work in a nonprofit and want to spread the word about the good work it does in your community with greater results, Unlocking Your Nonprofit Potential is the podcast for you.

By Lauren Creagan

Great Society  show

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<em>Be the change you wish to see in the world.</em> Okay, but <em>how</em>? Great Society host Constance Dykhuizen connects people to meaningful charitable relationships as director of JP's Peace, Love &amp; Happiness Foundation. On this podcast, she talks with members of the Great Society -- social impact founders and leaders -- who are dedicated to causes bigger than themselves. This podcast will inspire thought and action on issues like food justice, social entrepreneurship and making art that makes change. <br><hr><p style="color:grey;font-size:0.75em;"> See <a style="color:grey;" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" href=""></a> for privacy and opt-out information.</p>

By Constance Dykhuizen