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Justice Journal show

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Learn about public safety issues, interesting and notable cases, and how our office is working both in the courtroom and in the community to provide the highest level of public safety through prosecution, prevention and innovation.

By Chris Lewis

Our LAPD Story show

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The LAPD is the third largest police department in the country, tasked with policing the second largest city in America, Los Angeles. With around 10,000 sworn police officers and nearly 3000 civilian employees, the LAPD is microcosm of the city it serves. Every member of our LAPD family has a voice, and every voice has a story. This is the first ever Podcast produced by the Los Angeles Police Department, and each episode aims to share some of these stories that make up the fabric of our Department. From calls for service, to moments that changed lives forever. This is Our LAPD Story.

By Los Angeles Police Department

In The Milkweeds show

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In The Milkweeds is your audio ballot card for Illinois elections. In this season, we will assemble citizens, experts, and elected officials to discuss a weekly theme that will help unpack what's going on during the Illinois Midterms.

By One Illinois

Williston Works show

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Williston Works brings you in-depth discussions with entrepreneurs, small business owners and investors that are getting it done in Western North Dakota. Hosted by Shawn Wenko, the Executive Director of Williston Economic Development, Williston Works finds out what it takes to make it in the Bakken. To learn more visit: WillistonDevelopment.com

By Williston Economic Development

Neal Runs For Mayor show

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Go behind the scenes of Neal Sáles-Griffin's quest to become mayor of Chicago. Follow along as a first-time candidate navigates the byzantine world of Chicago politics, and hear from Neal's colleagues, friends, family—and Neal himself.

By Wailin Wong & Shaun Hildner

Football Fridays in Georgia show

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Hosts Jon Nelson and Hannah Goodin of GPB Sports share highlights of high school football games from around Georgia. They also share stories from players, coaches, play-by-play announcers, and other people who live and breathe high school football.

By Georgia Public Broadcasting

That's So Cincinnati show

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This podcast is about you: The Cincinnatian. Let The Enquirer's Jason Williams and Sharon Coolidge make the complicated local issues affecting your daily life easy to understand. And have more than a little fun in the process. On the ballot or in the streets, we are here to help you out. Because that's SO Cincinnati.

By That's So Cincinnati

San Diego Food System Alliance show

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The San Diego Food System Alliance is a nonprofit collaborative that brings together businesses, nonprofit organizations, government, local farmers and fishermen and interested and passionate community members to create a Good Food landscape for San Diego County. This podcast explores what Good Food means and highlights the Good Food work being done in our community.

By Specialty Produce Network

Direct Examination Podcast show

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Direct Examination: The South Carolina Lawyer Podcast is a podcast by lawyers about law, politics, and legal issues in South Carolina. Hosted by Joseph Bias, Dayne Phillips, and Amber Fulmer. Contact us at DirectExaminationPodcast@gmail.com - Dayne Phillips: https://sccriminallaws.com/ - Amber Fulmer: https://www.mooretaylorlaw.com/ - Joseph Bias

By Direct Examination

Connect, Bay Area  show

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Connecting you with Bay Area CULTURE. I, Quis on the West Coast, will be sitting down with Artists and talking about their upbringing motivations and what’s up next for them. If you want to be on the show or just want to show some love contact me @quis_dub on Ig or Twitter @therealquisy2x. Thanks for listening ! Stay CONNECTED! Support this podcast: <a href="https://anchor.fm/marquis-waters/support" rel="payment">https://anchor.fm/marquis-waters/support</a>

By Connect, Bay Area