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One List Call show

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Us ranking random things about movies, tv shows, games and more!

By Clashing Thoughts

Night With The Lads show

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---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- An Englishman and an Irishman walk into a bar..... Join us on our weekly night out as we ask the questions typically associated with a typical " lads night out ". Meet Loksi (Adam) and Johnny, two friends that only by the magic of the internet and a few drinks became the "best" podcasting duo. Come along with them as they try to give you the ULTIMATE bar / night out experience with a few hiccups along the way. Questions / Reviews / Banter ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

By NightWithTheLads

Nerd On! The Podcast show

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Welcome to Nerd On! The Podcast you didn’t need but you deserve and where All Levels Of Nerd Are Welcome! It is a weekly comedy, pop-culture podcast, in which a group of nerds in LA hangout, joke, analyze, discuss, and laugh about all things nerd! Join Caitlyn, Corey, Josh and Tom every Thursday as they discuss the things that give them raging nerd ons or what left them wanting more. From comic books to film and everything in between, the Nerd On crew tackles it all.

By Nerd On!

Is This Anime? show

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Is This Anime? is a podcast hosted by friends & comedians Jack Metcalfe & Malcolm McLeod. Jack is an anime "expert" and has loved the genre all of his life. Malcolm has never watched anime in his life and has no idea what it is. Each week, Jack introduces Malcolm (and sometimes a guest!) to a new anime and together they go on a journey to decide its worthiness in the great pantheon of anime... something Malcolm may never ever grasp. Theme Song provided by Landon Trimble @landos.sando

By Jack Metcalfe and Malcolm McLeod

Lameboy Games  show

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A show where we talk about the latest video game news, rumors along with some great segments where we dive into our favorite games, trends and share our thoughts. If you like talking about video games and laughing with/at people with opinions, you're in the right place. Support this podcast: <a href="" rel="payment"></a>

By Sami Atari, Lucas Slattery &amp; BlandyYeet

Die besten online Sportwetten Anbieter für Österreich in 2020 show

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Manchmal muss man nach einer Frage oder einer Fehlfunktion gefragt werden. Die Qualität des Kundenservice für Buchmacher bleibt eines der wichtigen Elemente eines guten Spiels. Deshalb testen wir bei regelmäßig die verschiedenen Plattformen von Online-Wett-Websites, ob es sich um Chats, E-Mails, E-Mails oder Telefonanrufe handelt. Ein Aktivposten, manchmal geschwärzt, aber so wichtig für unsere Buchmacher-Rangliste!

By bestewettenanbieter

Gen: PS - The Generation PlayStation Podcast show

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Generation PlayStation is a podcast all about the love for PlayStation! If you love PlayStation consoles, games and services then this is for you! Of course, there are many PS podcasts out there but wouldn't you prefer to hear the opinions of a random stranger?

By Victor Silfera

Triangolo NerdAngolo Podcast show

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Forgiati negli anni dai momenti che contano.<br><br>Eravamo lì quando Goku ha sconfitto Frieza;<br>Eravamo lì quando la squadra S.T.A.R.S. ha scoperto i piani della Umbrella.<br>Eravamo li quando i Pokémon si evolvevano in 8 bit...<br><br>Noi siamo quelli cresciuti a pane e coin-up, <br>quelli dell'acquisto al Day One, quelli che...giocare non ha età.<br><br> Alessandro M., Lorenzo Z., Luca C. Presentano il Triangolo Nerdangolo con un nuovo episodio ogni lunedì mattina alle 06:00.<br><br><br>Per trovare tutti i nostri contatti social clicca qui: <a href="" rel="noopener"></a>

By Triangolo NerdAngolo

Fictionphile show

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News, reviews, and features on all mediums of fiction and narrative entertainment, including movies, TV, literature, comics, video games, and more. Regularly scheduled programming typically consists of one hall-of-fame-worthy work of art covered in depth from several angles. Hosts: Fictionphile Editor Jason Boyd, Managing Editor Corrine Asbell, and Associate Editor Dalton McCay

By Fictionphile

I Never Cast For This show

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Hello there, gamers! I Never Cast For This is a podcast largely focused on debating controversial topics in gaming, and hopefully putting them to rest. Is cheating in gaming a moral issue? Is Pay-To-Win ever a good model? Are achievements ruining gaming culture? Join us every week as we discuss the positive and negative trends of the gaming industry, as well as casual discussions of games we've played throughout the week leading up to the podcast. Tune in LIVE Mondays, 8:30PM EST at

By Keltharr