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Wrath & Story show

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A biweekly role-playing podcast set in the Wrath and Glory RPG. Follow the adventures of the mostly competent explorers, Jay, Andrew, and their servo skull companion, Daniel, as they try to survive the exciting, sometimes funny, but always dangerous universe of Warhammer 40k.

By Partial Arc

Geek Girl Riot show

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Get your geek on with idobi Radio’s new series, Geek Girl Riot. Each week our hosts take turns on the mic to discuss all the things close to our geeky hearts, topped off with fresh and far-out segments, and special guest appearances for talks and spotlights. It promises to be a rowdy good time.

By idobi Network

Nintendo Crossing show

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Welcome to Nintendo Crossing, a NinMobileNews and ACPocketNews Podcast. Each week, Josue and Gabriel will cover the latest Nintendo and Animal Crossing news! Be sure to follow us on Twitter at @NinCrossing to submit your questions, and to stay updated on our podcast. If you want to follow us on Twitter, we are @HeyJosuePonce and @Videahead. Submit your questions to us on our website at NintendoCrossing.com. Thanks for tuning in and we'll talk soon!

By Nintendo Crossing

Nerdlab Podcast show

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If you want to design your own games, this podcast is for you. We will dive deep into topics like development tools, game mechanics, card design, marketing and discuss everything you need to know to start your first Kickstarter campaign. <br> <br> To analyse these topics, we will be looking at existing card games and board games and take a deeper look at their core mechanics in order to use them as inspiration for our own games. Everything we discuss will be applied to a fantasy adventure card game we develop in parallel to the podcast. <br> <br> The goal of this podcast is to provide you with everything you need to know about the skills and tools as a game designer.

By Marvin Hegen

Off the Chain: A Keyforge Podcast show

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Join KennyBlaze and Bald Mike, as we bring you a podcast all about Keyforge from FFG.

By KennyBlaze &amp; Bald Mike

The Roaring Trainers show

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A Pokemon-inspired tabletop roleplaying game based in 1920s' Kanto. Organized crime and political unrest is plaguing the region. In a region in chaos, who will bring the region back into a peaceful era?

By The Roaring Trainers

Jank It Up, Fuzzball show

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Jank It Up, Fuzzball is a podcast looking at the casual side of Star Wars: Destiny, as told by one player's experiences with the game. I'm your host, Brian, and my goal is to shine a light on lesser-used characters and cards from the FFG game.

By Brian P.

VoxCast: The Official Warhammer 40,000 Podcast show

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Join the Warhammer Community team, and special guests, for our new regular podcast for all fans of the 41st Millennium. Every other week, we’ll be bringing you an hour of insights, lore and chat with a variety of guests, all hosted by Warhammer TV's own Wade – Design Studio veteran, and part-time Khorne Berzerker.

By Warhammer Community

Blackwatch Report show

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The first episode of the High Noon community podcast, The Blackwatch Report with hosts Thornrayne and Kyle Wynn. The podcast covers all of the Overwatch tier 2 scene with news, analysis and interviews

By High Noon Productions

Disciples of Agony show

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A Warmachine and Hordes Podcast focused on Skorne!

By Line of Sight