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Numinosis show

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The best in gothic and darkwave music.

By Jason / DJ ZoZo

the witness exchange show

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local and national independant music

thinsafetypin show

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New music podcast featuring the best Creative Commons licensed indie rock & pop (and occasionally other things) I could find.

The Muffs show

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Ho, Ho, Ho!! The Muffs are bringing you a nice lil holiday treat. Enjoy!

Tea with Hungry Lucy show

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Join indie, trip-pop duo Hungry Lucy with a cup of tea and a chat about songwriting, recording, touring, promotion and life in general as an indie band.

By Hungry Lucy

The Cambridge Music Podcast show

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The Cambridge Music Podcast showcases independent music from the town and university of Cambridge, UK, with flair, aplomb and healthy gulps of very English self deprication.

The Fun House Podcast show

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Sweet beats and sugary treats with Mister Fun, charter member of his own Awesome People Club since 1997.

Tanfastic show

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A little music and a whole lotta love...uh what?


The ANC Podcast show

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Local musicians and music from Anchorage, AK. Now heading into winter season, you need all the music you can get. Challenge the corporation radio crap. Listen to local independent unsigned music from your local area. Or from Anchorage, Alaska. You decide.

Studiography show

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This podcast chronicles the making of my album entitled "It's About Time." Listen in as I record tracks, edit, etc. You'll also get a taste of my writing process and other comentary as it pertains to my recording sessions.

By Kevin Reeves