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Instruments and Guitars show

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If we delve into the history of guitars, most would agree that it was invented by Spanish court lutenist Antonio de Torres in 1556. Instrument and guitars are crucial instruments that are used to create different types of music. One important thing to note is that they have undergone many changes in terms of aesthetics, design, and construction over the years.While some people might argue that the guitar has gone through various changes because it gets out-dated, there are still many people who appreciate its historical importance and value.There are a number of instruments that are typically associated with various genres of music. The instrument you play is an important factor in the type of music you create.Instruments have been used for centuries to create an emotional response from the listener, but not all instruments can be used for every genre of music. For example, a violin is better suited for classical and jazz style genres, whereas the guitar is better ideal for rock and pop styles.

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Colmillo Roquero show

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Para muchos de nosotros el Rock es más que solo la música que escuchamos, es un estilo de vivir la vida. En los episodios de este podcast conducido por Andrés Brenes, con la participación de Juan Carlos Blanco y sus invitados, usted va a encontrar historias, datos interesantes, entrevistas y nuestros propios comentarios acerca de bandas, canciones, discos y todo lo relacionado al mundo del Rock ‘N’ Roll. Este es un podcast hecho por un roquero y pensado para los roqueros, específicamente para usted que es un seguidor del Hard Rock y el Heavy Metal Tradicional. Encuentra toda la información en: y en las notas de cada episodio.

By Colmillo Roquero

Bennettini Selects show

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Great music from across the genres, across the decades and across the globe. Explore the backstories of the tracks and artists as we follow the strands that connect them.

By Jamie Bennett


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The official podcast of Madonna Remixers United. Full of "infectious grooves and familiar melodies inter weaved with the newest sounds and modern beats." If you like electronic and dance music particularly with vocals then this DJ podcast is for you. Each one hour episode features a perfectly beat mixed DJ set. Take it to the gym, the dance floor, or your favorite party. One of the longest running vocal house dance music podcasts (debuted February, 2009). Ranked one of the top 1% most popular shows out of 2,725,574 podcasts globally by Listen Score, Listed "What's Hot" by Apple.Top 20 global reach music podcast, iTunes Top 100 Music podcast chart, "Awesomesauce" featured by Tunr app, "Top Electronic Podcast" (Player FM). "Stylistically superior! Simply the best vocal house podcast on the net." (iTunes Review) Celebrating 13 years 2009-2022.

By Kerry John Poynter

Country Rap Report show

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Hip Hop veterans, Spank and Vic XL, gives their 60+ combined music industry experiences and expertise to the newly budding sub-genre of Country Rap (Hick Hop). Spank and Vic XL gives their unbiased and professional criticism of the daily business dealings of those in Country Rap. Frequently they'd host people within the genre for interviews but the majority of the show, they provide advise and critique on videos and albums released by those in the Country Rap genre. New to Country Rap? This will help as an introduction. Country Rap vet? This may highlight someone new for you. It's what we do.

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This is my first podcast, please have fun listening and give feedback :)Music is my Soul,


Cloud Jazz Smooth Jazz show

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Cloud Jazz es el punto de encuentro con la mejor música en clave de Smooth Jazz. Los mejores músicos, sus novedades y los clásicos de este género... Sonido ideal para cualquier momento del día. Dirige y presenta Esteban Novillo. Podcast in Spanish dedicated to Smooth Jazz music. One hour with the best discographic news and classics of the last decades.

By Cloud Jazz

The LoFi & ChillHop Radio by Ol Wallace show

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The LoFi & ChillHop Radio by Ol Wallace, bringing you an hour mix of your favourite lofi & chillhop music. Featuring labels such as: Cali Soul, BLNDR, Lofi Girl, Lofi Jazz Soul, ChillHop Music, PalPal, Effortless Audio & More!

By Ol Wallace

Drop A Note show

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I am the husband of one wife; the father of one son. Life should be simple for me...but I am somewhat of a musician. My name is Hovig. Welcome to my podcast: Drop A Note. Join me as I talk music, life and everything in between.

By Hovig Nassanian

Dj WhaltBabieLuv's "Grown Folks Muzik" show

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Genre of music include Southern Soul / Soul Blues, Zydeo, Smooth Jazz, Old School R&B / Hip-Hop, Chicago Style Stepping Music, Freestyle, Old School House / Dance Music. No I am not the radio personality host "Walt Baby Love". I am Dj WhaltBabieLuv. The Dj that keeps the party going all night longgggggggggggggg.

By Dj WhaltBabieLuv