Frequently Asked Questions About The Audio Book Service

  • Waht is Digital Podcast's Audio Book Store?
    Digital Podcast's Audio Book Store, is the place to find audiobooks for iPad. We have arranged the very best deals on audiobook downloads that play on your iPad or iPod. Listening to audiobooks for iPad is a single best way to make a commute or an exercise session a lot more fun and productive. The ipad and it's sister the iPod play mp3 audiobooks, music and video. And audiobooks for iPads actually enhance the original book by turning it into a performance that is packed with much more excitment and emotion than the book by itself.
  • Is it better to buy or join?
    It is much better to join than to buy individual audio books. For only $7.49, you can join and download an audio book of your choice. If you don't want any more audiobooks you can cancel at any time without penalties.
  • Is a portable mp3 player necessary for listening to these files?
    An mp3 player is not required. You can download and listen to audio books on your Windows PC (Vista, XP, 2000) or Apple Macintosh computer (Mac OS X and above). You can also burn audio books as standard audio CDs using the free software that you'll receive when you purchase a title.
  • Can I burn these files as an audio CD?
    Yes, the free software you'll receive when you sign up allows you to convert these files to audio CD format.
  • Why is downloading better than a CD?
    Downloading is by far the most convenient approach to your audiobooks subscription. There's no waiting for mail deliveries or availability of popular titles, no scratched or dirty discs, and you can download audiobooks as often as you need. In addition, downloaded audiobooks are easier to manage on your computer and mp3 player/iPod/iPhone and include chapter breaks and bookmarking capabilities. Finally, when you download a book, it's yours to keep. This is ideal for those who want to build their digital library and like to reread their favorites. And you can always go back to your online library and download titles again and again at no additional charge.
  • How can I tell if an audio book is abridged or unabridged?
    The audio book is in Unabridged format if the book title contains the word "Unabridged" immediately following the title. If the word "Unabridged" does not appear after the title, it was recorded in Abridged format.
  • Is my device supported?
    We work very closely with manufacturers of all devices in an attempt to have all of them compatible. As technology evolves it is our goal to have all portable devices manufactured be able to play the files. Check out supported players at our Device Center