Winning Under Fire: Turn Stress Into Success the U.S. Army Way


Written By: Dale Collie

Written By: Michael Prichard

Length:4 hours and 30 min.

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Audiobook Summary:For the U.S. Army, grace under fire isn't an ideal. It's standard operating procedure. In Winning Under Fire , managers discover Army techniques for managing stress in the heat of battle, and learn how to put them to work in their organizations. Written by a retired Army major who was one of Fast Company 's Fast 50 Innovative Leaders in 2002, Winning Under Fire combines military know-how and business savvy to show managers how to: Channel stress into positive energy for obtaining goals Detect and eliminate stress fractures in an organization Stay resilient under all conditions Build teams that work under any extremes Prepare a game plan to get them through every battle Be a great leader in times of great duress