Why Am I Anxious?: One Man's Story of How Not to Handle Lifelong Disease


Written By: Clay Ballentine

Written By: Sean Kilgore

Length:6 hours and 34 minutes

Customer Rating :3.7

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Audiobook Summary: "Just after I turned twenty years old, I was already nauseous in the mornings and large parts of the day. I had joint pain, could not sleep well, had almost uncontrollable sweating, shivering at times with cold feet, and sometimes really dry skin, and occasional nagging anger about very small things that I knew meant nothing. I went through thirty-one years of increasing symptoms and more and more denial before I would finally admit any of this to anyone, including myself. But even then, only at the cost of an incredibly traumatic and potentially fatal health emergency at the age of fifty-one. When you look up hardheaded in the dictionary, my picture is right there." Clay Ballentine spent the first fifty-one years of his life fighting a battle against an unknown enemy: thyroid disease. From childhood, he noticed he was a bit different. His mind worked differently than his peers, he would sweat more and sleep less than others, and he was easily angered and constantly anxious. But Clay was unwilling and afraid to share this information with anyone, leading him to a silent struggle alone. Here, he shares a detailed account of his experience to help sufferers and friends and family of potential sufferers begin the process of understanding this often overlooked and greatly misunderstood disease. Learn the answer to Clay's ultimate question, Why Am I Anxious?, before any more time passes.

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