What Happened to Cass McBride? (Unabridged)


Written By: Gail Giles

Written By: Andy KarlKhristine HvamJoshua Swanson

Length:3 hours and 38 min.

Customer Rating :3.79

Retail Price:$9.95


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Audiobook Summary:What happened to Cass McBride? That's the question everyone is asking - her father, who finds her gone and her room violated; Ben Grey, the detective who catches the case; even Cass herself, who awakens from a drugged sleep with a walkie-talkie taped to her hand in a cold, dark...coffin? Then Kyle Kirby's voice rumbles through the walkie-talkie to say she is buried with a dwindling oxygen supply. But Cass McBride is no one's victim - she has looks, money, and brains. She knows that if Kyle wants to talk, then he must want something. And her salesman father taught her well: when someone wants something, there's a deal to be made. Cass can save herself if she can keep Kyle talking, can discover what he wants - if she can make the deal. The clock is ticking. The game is on.