We're on the way to see Daddy-O!


Written By: Krista Crowley

Written By: Stephen Rozzell

Length:3 minutes

Customer Rating :3.7

Retail Price:$9.99


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Audiobook Summary: We're on the way to see Daddy-O!' Tommy and Janie's daddy works far away. But they are excited because they're going on a trip to see him. They pack their bags and hop into the car. Tommy and Janie can't wait to show Daddy what they've brought! It's a long drive, and the closer they get, the longer it seems. But Tommy and Janie play games to pass the time and watch animals and trees go by. Join Tommy and Janie on the road to see Daddy-O! Krista Crowley is a loving wife and mother of two. She lives in Mineola, Texas.