Weight Loss Hypnosis with Charles Lewis: Lose Weight NOW


Written By: Charles C. Lewis

Written By: Charles C. Lewis

Length:1 hour and 7 minutes

Customer Rating :3.7

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Audiobook Summary: A lot of effort is put into losing weight, but the most important aspect is to make sure that your mind is in the right place to accept the changes necessary and keep motivated and on the right track. Self-help hypnosis has led to the success of many people in many different areas of life by setting the minds of people in the right direction. This audio does the very same thing for self-help with the specificity of weight loss. In this process, the listeners are subconsciously training their minds to not send as many hungry signals and to reduce the amount of cravings for snacking during the course of the day. Hypnosis is not something that puts you into a semi-coma or makes you sleepy but actually makes you hyper attentive. This process has been used for years by millions of people to become more financially stable, change bad habits, or simply have more confidence in themselves. Keeping your mind on the right track during a dieting program is a huge part of making it work. If your mind is not in the right place, it is easy to become frustrated and give up hope. The Charles Lewis program will give you the confidence you need to help correct bad eating habits. It's proven to help encourage you to make healthy lifestyle changes. You will feel yourself becoming less hungry and find the self-control to eat smaller portions. This audio program is not only to help with your weight loss but to help with your state of mind during the weight loss as well. Making the changes necessary to have a healthier lifestyle is your decision, but this hypnosis program can help you struggle less and see more results.