Waropa - War in Europa (Unabridged)


Written By: Bill GoodwinMark Woods

Written By: Bill GoodwinMark Woods

Length:1 hour

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Audiobook Summary: As you read with your ears, you will travel through history with this streamZcast.com compendium. History meets psychology. What would you do if you had to go to World War One or Two? What would the experience do to you afterwards? How would you cope? Shell Shock, battle fatigue, the rack, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. These three stories, the EuroViewPoint and the narrators' conversations in the studio provide a unique insight for everyman. These stories and our compendiumZ become learning tools - enjoyable educational tools to help people fully appreciate history. War changes the lives of ordinary people in extraordinary ways, as these stories will show. Within those lives are lessons for us all - experiences that can change us too. Seen through the eyes of two ordinary American men, Waropa chronicles the myriad consequences of both the World Wars in Europa. We learn of these heroes early days, their lives, loves and fears. We travel with them through battles in Italy and France, under the leadership of military legends such as "Black Jack" Pershing and George Patton. After the fighting is over, the stories continue as rebuilding their lives continue back home in America. These three stories get under the skin and into the hearts of protagonists in the way that only storytelling can. To add contrast and context, a European viewpoint is included, further broadening the listener's knowledge and understanding of a broader world. American Historian, geographer, and occasional humorist Bill Goodwin, and European writer Mark Woods, combine their knowledge and insights. Their aim? To reconnect people with history through the lives and stories of real people. That is the streamZcast.com ethos. streamZcast.com compendiumZ are written specifically for the Internet and smart devices. Sapere Aude (Latin trans: "Dare to Know")