War Paint


Written By: Bill Goshen

Written By: Jake Robards

Length:1 hour and 57 min.

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Audiobook Summary:The men of F Company, 52nd Infantry (LRP) - later designated as I Company, 75th Infantry (Ranger) - were the eyes and ears of the Big Red One, the 1st Infantry Division. Their base was Lai Khe, deep inside enemy territory, within hailing distance of the Viet Cong central headquarters in Cambodia, with its vast stockpiles of weapons and thousands of transient VC and NVA soldiers. Recondo-conditioned Bill Goshen was there, and now he has written the first account of these battle-hardened soldiers - hunter/killer teams of only six men, who had to survive by their wits or suffer deadly consequences. Goshen himself barely escaped with his life in a virtual suicide mission that destroyed half his team. In War Paint , he pays tribute to these fallen American heroes: men of all colors, from all walks of life; warriors bonded by triumph and tragedy, by life and death. They served proudly in Vietnam, and their stories need to be told.