VangoNotes for American History: 1865 to the Present


Written By: Robert A. Divine

Written By: Brett BarryAlyson Silverman

Length:6 hours and 50 min.

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Audiobook Summary:Study on the go with VangoNotes. Based on one of the best-selling American History textbooks, VangoNotes are suitable for use with ANY American History course. These essential audio reviews cover topics from 1865 to the present. Now wherever you are -- whatever you're doing -- you can study American History by listening to the following for each topic in your course: Big Ideas : Your "need to know" for each chapter Practice Test : A gut check for the Big Ideas - tells you if you need to keep studying Key Terms : Audio "flashcards" to help you review key concepts and terms Rapid Review : A quick drill session - use it right before your test VangoNotes are flexible ; download all the material directly to your player, or only the chapters you need. And they're efficient . Use them in your car, at the gym, walking to class, wherever. So get yours today. And get studying.