Unfinished Journey: The Lewis and Clark Expedition


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Written By: Peter Coyote

Length:11 hours and 11 min.

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Audiobook Summary:Narrated by award-winning actor Peter Coyote, Unfinished Journey uses journal passages written by expedition members and essays written by top scholars to illuminate the history of the American West from the perspective of the Lewis and Clark expedition. This multi-part series taps the latest scholarship about the Corps of Discovery, the voices of Native Americans, and two centuries of America's cultural history. Unfinished Journey provides a snapshot of the social relationships of the day in both native and white culture, and a look at how 21st-century Americans are trying to restore some of what has been lost since the expedition sought a water route from the Missouri River to the Pacific Ocean. Lewis and Clark expert Clay Jenkinson, a Rhodes and Danforth scholar and scholar-in-residence at Lewis & Clark College, guides the programs and concludes each hour with a thoughtful reflection on the subject at hand and its meaning at the 200th anniversary of the Corps of Discovery.