Uncommon Sense for Parents with Teenagers


Written By: Michael RieraPh.D.

Written By: Michael RieraPh.D.

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Audiobook Summary: Uncommon Sense for Parents with Teenagers defines the turmoil of young adulthood and the challenges both parents and teenagers face. As a consultant and lecturer to more than a hundred high schools and with years of experience counseling teenagers and their parents, Dr. Michael Riera dispenses uncommon advice to break down the often adversarial relationship between parents and teens. Because adolescents use their teenage years as active training for adulthood, parents need to "let their kids exercise their decision-making muscle." Dr. Riera's unconventional suggestions include resisting giving advice, even when your teenager asks for it; forgetting heart-to-heart talks and communicating indirectly; giving your kid a non-alcoholic "cocktail" hour to decompress after a long, hard day; and embracing estrangement and expecting inconsistency. Dr. Riera also addresses the most commonly asked questions by parents, and offers practical counsel on such questions as: What are fair punishments? What can you do to keep your kid motivated in school? What do you need to know about your kid's sex life? What do you do about teenage parties, alcohol, and drugs? Personal stories from both parents and teenagers are featured throughout, offering insight and comfort to those dealing with similar problems.