Uncensored Grace: Stories of Hope from the Streets of Vegas (Unabridged)


Written By: Jud Wilhite

Written By: Jud Wilhite

Length:4 hours and 41 min.

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Audiobook Summary: Uncensored grace is what you get from a loving God when all the religious types have gone home, and every last hope for your own effort has ended. What comes to mind first when you think Las Vegas? Maybe glitz and glam. Or dealers and dancers, high rollers and hell raisers. And why not? After all, the town they call Sin City is an American icon, an anything-goes shrine to pleasure, money, sex-and another lucky roll of the dice. Probably when you think Las Vegas, you don't think about God or grace. Neither did Jud Wilhite when he was first invited to become the senior pastor at the city's largest church. The people Juds met since moving there with his family have changed all that. Today, Vegas stands for something much different and more surprising for Jud. He doesn't think of Vegas as Sin City anymore. Now, to him, it is Grace City. Working with veteran journalist Bill Taaffe, Jud takes you past the neon and the hype to another side of Vegas-where people whose lives have been marred by loneliness, addiction, and despair are finding hope and freedom in a vital community of faith. Uncensored Grace is an account of what happens when ordinary people get honest with each other and an extraordinary God. You'll meet gaming industry movers and shakers; working exotic dancers, a Flying Elvis, an American Idol contestant, a cop who won the hearts of a crime-hardened city, and much more.

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