UFOs and the Extraterrestrial Threat: Battlefield Earth


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Audiobook Summary: Some people say extraterrestrials have been coming to Earth for millennia. Others say that UFOs are simply the work of government controlled and funded "black technology". But there is an ever-growing pool of evidence that not only denies these claims but makes it abundantly clear that there is in fact a war being raged between man and alien. There are extraterrestrial beings visiting Earth, and it appears the Men in Black are actually fighting a battle of secrecy. It's alarmingly clear that the governments and controlling factions of the world do not want you to know the truth. Eyewitnesses are encountering bizarre UFOs, unmarked black helicopters, and cattle mutilations. And what's more, they are being abducted from their very homes. The evidence shows that UFOs and the alien threat are VERY real. In this comprehensive program, you will discover firsthand, from best-selling authors and renowned experts around the globe, just how horrifying the truth really is. Discover how the media and even the authorities are confused and bewildered by hundreds of reports and sightings. Discover the real invasion at last.