UFOs and Close Encounters: Over 8 Hours of Aliens and UFOs


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Length:7 hours and 59 minutes

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Audiobook Summary: The most amazing close encounters, alien abductions, UFO visitations, and government cover-ups in history! Over eight hours of aliens and UFOs. Includes: Aliens and the Scalpel: discover the truth about alien Implants The Walton Story: the most amazing UFO abduction in history The Billy Meier Case: a Swiss farmer is in contact with an alien race Ancient archeology The Myth and Mystery of Planet X Alien Memories: hypnotherapy reveals encounters with extraterrestrials Crop Circles: discover the truth behind these enigmatic signs from outer space Biological Evidence: an alien abduction leaves behind REAL evidence Australian Encounters: learn of the remarkable UFOs down under Alien Origins: evidence of an alien race once having walked planet Earth We are not alone!