Trusts: A Practical Guide, Part Two: Advanced Case Studies


Written By: Terence O'Halloran

Written By: Terence O'Halloran

Length:2 hour 31 minutes

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Audiobook Summary:Whether you are an accountant, an actuary, an adviser in financial services, or a lawyer - or even a business person advising the trustees of a pension scheme (perhaps looking after your own self-administered arrangement) - you need this series to understand the why, the how, the where, and the what of the topic. What of those who are just being introduced to trusts? Trusts are an essential part of business and financial planning life. There is little in life assurance or pensions, let alone overall wealth-preservation planning, that the subject of trusts does not impinge on. But which trust? What type of trust? Should there be an interest in possession or not? An absolute trust or should there be discretion? Who should be the trustee? Are your parents older than you are? It is not such a silly question; the listener will unearth the reason for the answer.

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