Train (Unabridged)


Written By: Pete Dexter

Written By: Dion Graham

Length:9 hours and 49 min.

Customer Rating :3.75

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Audiobook Summary:Winner of the National Book Award, Pete Dexter has been declared "one of America's most original and elegiac voices" by People magazine. Train is a gripping piece of crime noir destined to become an American classic. Lionel Walk, better known as Train, is a young black caddy at an elite Los Angeles golf course. There, he navigates between careless hostility of patrons and the volatile brutality of the other caddies. One day, he finds an unexpected protector: police sergeant Miller Packer, who Train dubs "the Mile-Away Man" for his distant gaze. Packer is investigating a botched and bloody boat hijacking that left a lone survivor: achingly beautiful Norah Still. When the lives of these three people intersect, both violence and tenderness swiftly rise to the surface. Train exhibits the sureness of style and keen, compassionate eye that made Dexter's previous novels, including The Paperboy , best sellers. Dion Graham's powerful narration draws listeners deep into the currents of danger, dreams, and desire.

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