Tower of Babble: How the United Nations Has Fueled Global Chaos (Unabridged)


Written By: Dore Gold

Written By: Robertson Dean

Length:8 hours and 46 min.

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Audiobook Summary:In this follow-up to his best-selling expose about Saudi Arabia's support of global terrorism, Dore Gold, a former ambassador to the United Nations, reveals how the United States faces a dangerous world filled with terrorists and troubling regimes because the United Nations has created a global crisis with its moral relativism. Asserting that the United Nations has failed in its mission to preserve peace, that anti-American and anti-democratic forces have hijacked the UN, Gold argues that the United Nations, founded in 1945 to hold individual nations accountable to a community with common democratic values, has abandoned the guidelines for acceptable conduct and punishment of its violators. Gold carefully documents this devolution, starting with the Cuban Missile Crisis to the 2003 war against Iraq and beyond.