Time Rich: Escape the 9-to-5 (Unabridged)


Written By: Jamie McIntyre

Written By: Jamie Nesvold

Length:8 hours and 3 min.

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Audiobook Summary: Escape the 9-to-5 and work only eight hours a week (or less) and live the lifestyle of a millionaire without ever needing to become one. Who invented working 9 to 5, five to six days a week and getting two to four weeks off at the end of the year? Jamie McIntyre, a self-made millionaire explodes the myth that to live the life of your dreams you have to work hard and long hours for years and that you have to become a millionaire to have a millionaire's lifestyle. This book is all about removing those chains that tie you to a desk. Sure you can become a millionaire from being a successful investor over many years, risking capital, but what if: You don't have capital? You want your dream life in 12 months or less? You are already successful but still tied to your career or business? You simply want to achieve so much more in less time?