They All Fall Worship: Six Women, One Family, Changed Forever (Unabridged)


Written By: Barb PagelLori McConchie

Written By: Shawna Windom

Length:2 hours and 52 minutes

Customer Rating :3.7

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Audiobook Summary: Barb... "One night when my husband came home from work, I asked him to take our three boys downstairs so we could talk. He thought I was going to ask for a divorce, but it was much worse... something he didn't expect at all." Kerry... "Whenever Mom and Dad went out together, they hired a trusted neighbor boy in his teens to babysit. We all liked him a lot in the beginning, because he always played games with us. But as time went on, his games weren't fun anymore." Donna... "I was scared and confused. I had never felt so abandoned and alone as I did that day. And even though I didn't know who God was, I believed that someday He would punish me for what I had done." They All Fall Worship , by sisters Barb Pagel and Lori McConchie, is the story of how God poured out His grace and transformed the lives of four sisters and two sisters-in-law. It's a story so unbelievable that it could only have been possible through the saving work of God.