There's No Such Thing as "Business" Ethics (Unabridged)


Written By: John C. Maxwell

Written By: John C. Maxwell

Length:2 hours and 39 min.

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Best selling author and professional on direction John C. Maxwellclaims there is only one rule for business.

How does a person judge what's ethical? Sometimes it's clear. You know Enron's frontrunners were in the wrong. What is the standard? And can it work in most situations? John C. Maxwellbelieves it can. When the New York Times bestselling writer, successful businessman, and former pastor was questioned about his ideas on corporate ethics, his reply was, "There is no such thing. There is just ethoses."

Maxwell claims there is one moral standard for several conduct. In There is No Such Thing as Business Ethics , Maxwell displays how people are able to live with integrity using the Golden Rule as their regular (regardless of faith, culture, or circumstances). Along the way, he delves in the wants of the human heart, unveils the five most common causes that get people off trail ethically, and instructs how to develop the Midas touch as it pertains to integrity.