The World at War (American RadioWorks Collection #2)


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Audiobook Summary:This collection includes seven documentaries: Days of Infamy Within the living memory of Americans are two deadly surprise attacks against the United States: Japan's assault on Pearl Harbor, and the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Both times, the Library of Congress sent people out to record the voices of ordinary Americans as they reacted to a changed world. Red Runs the Vistula In August 1944, five years after the start of World War II, the people of Warsaw, armed with just a few guns and gasoline bombs, rose up against the German occupation of their city. This documentary tells the story of the Warsaw Uprising from the point of view of those who were there. Korea: The Unfinished War To fully grasp the ongoing tensions between the United States and North Korea, it is important to understand the war that ended more than fifty years ago. Revisiting Vietnam Twenty-five years after the fall of Saigon, the legacy of the war affects lives on both sides of the Pacific. The Few Who Stayed In April 1994, Rwanda exploded into 100 days of violence, killing 800,000 people. Most turned their backs to the bloodshed. Here is the story of those who stayed. Married to the Military Dangerous insurgent attacks in Iraq and longer deployments are straining military families. Through audio diaries and extensive interviews with soldiers and their families, the documentary explores the military as a career choice and as a way of life for families - and as an industry in a military town. Massacre at Cuska In 1999, Serb death squads attacked the ethnic Albanian village of Cuska and left 41 unarmed civilians dead.