The Voice in the Dark (Unabridged)


Written By: Agatha Christie

Written By: Hugh Fraser

Length:39 min.

Customer Rating :3.7

Retail Price:$9.95


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Audiobook Summary:Mr. Satterthwaite is back on the French Riviera and enjoying the sunshine at Cannes with Lady Barbara Stranleigh, someone he has known since his own youth. She has been married four times and came into the family title after a series of deaths and tragedies some 40 years before. Lady Stranleigh confesses that she is worried about Margery, the daughter of one of her marriages. She is a sturdy outdoors sort of girl who prefers fox hunting to the Riviera and who has in the past few months been reporting hearing voices in the night at their family home back in Wiltshire. The house doesn't have the reputation of being haunted and Lady Stranleigh asks a reluctant Mr. Satterthwaite to go back to England and use psychic researchers to find out what is going on.