The Story of Light


Written By: Ben Bova

Written By: Stefan Rudnicki

Length:6 hours and 14 min.

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Audiobook Summary:From the creation of life to the exploration of the heavens and the stars, from the origins of the earth to the possibility of life on other planets, Ben Bova unveils the beauty and science behind this phenomenon. Bova masterfully explains how light affects us every day of our lives, from our religions to our sex drives. He examines how we use light in art, science, industry, entertainment, cosmetics, jewelry, and in a myriad other ways. In graphic, entertaining, and always accesible prose, the author provides fascinating insights into a great variety of subjects so that the listener will discover something new and wonderful about almost every area of knowledge, ranging from relativity and quantum physics to perspective and the use of light by great Renaissance painters. A stunning, clear, and always fascinating writer, Dr. Bova provides easy to understand examples that make available to us all even the most difficult and mind-bending concepts.