The Singer of All Songs: Book 1 of the Chanters of Tremaris Trilogy (Unabridged)


Written By: Kate Constable

Written By: Karen Ziemba

Length:8 hours and 33 min.

Customer Rating :3.98

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Audiobook Summary:Calwyn has lived all her life among the priestesses of Antaris, tending to her bees and dreaming of the mysterious world beyond the Wall. Then she discovers a man lying unconscious within the Wall, Darrow, who tells her of the fear and hatred that hold sway in the Outlands, where the magic arts of chantment are disappearing. They journey together to cities of golden stone and seas ruled by blood moons, gathering other chanters to them. For it will take an unprecedented unity to stand in the way of Samis, a ruthlessly ambitious sorcerer who seeks to become Emperor of all Tremaris. Reminiscent of such classic novels as A Wizard of Earthsea and The Hero and the Crown , yet set in an utterly original world where enchantment is worked by singing, The Singer of All Songs stands out from the choir of new fantasies for the warmth of its vision and the beauty of its voice.

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