The Shadowmancer Returns (Unabridged)


Written By: G. P. Taylor

Written By: Stuart Blinder

Length:9 hours and 47 min.

Customer Rating :2.86

Retail Price:$21.36


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Audiobook Summary:In this thrilling, much-anticipated sequel to the runaway hit Shadowmancer , G. P. Taylor once again takes readers on a gripping journey. Kate and Thomas have barely escaped the evil sorcerer Demurral, and are sailing to London to make a fresh start. But someone knows they are coming, and is lying in wait to lure them into the darkest heart of the city. Meanwhile, Raphah, who has had a narrow escape of his own, sets out on a terrifying journey to find his friends, all the time haunted by a shadowy beast. Eventually, the friends' paths meet on a cursed street, hidden from the world - a place where fates are decided and old enemies seek revenge. They thought it was over...but can evil ever be destroyed?