The Secret Shopper's Revenge (Unabridged)


Written By: Kate Harrison

Written By: Ruth SillersJudith BoydJilly BondRupert Farley

Length:12 hours and 28 min.

Customer Rating :3.54

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Audiobook Summary:New mum Emily wants revenge on the stick-thin assistants who laugh at her post-baby tummy and post-baby budget. But frumpiness has its advantages when you're wielding a secret camera - and sending the footage straight to head office. Store manager Sandie has a lifelong love of the world of retail - the glitz, the magic, the stockroom. Then she's fitted up by an ambitious assistant and secret shopping is the only way to keep her one passion alive. And glamorous widow Grazia can't leave behind the high life, despite her chronically low bank balance. The more she's buying - and spying - the less time she has to mourn her husband or her fair-weather friends who've dumped her. They're Charlie's Shopping Angels, controlled by a mysterious figure who sends them assignments. But when they're sent to stitch up a doomed shop owned by Will, the angels begin to feel divided loyalties...

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