The Sales Zone Through Guided Meditation: Master Sales Techniques (Better Sales, Silent Meditation, Self Help & Wellness)


Written By: Jane Paisley

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Length:1 hour and 43 minutes

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Audiobook Summary: Do you want to find a way to boost your sales numbers on a daily basis? Are you interested in knowing how to influence anyone you meet to buy the product you're selling? Maybe you are in the business of selling ideas and concepts and would like to learn how to be more compelling. Would you like to know the secret to all of this? Guided meditation can show you. By using The Sales Zone Through Guided Meditation , you will learn the secret to connecting with your customer so that you have better sales numbers than ever before. The Sales Zone will show you how to make more money and establish connections that will pay off time and time again. Understand the psychology of sales and learn how to be compelling and successful. With The Sales Zone , you will find that all the necessary sales tools already lie within you, and you will learn to use them effectively when you get into The Sales Zone . This powerful collection combines state-of-the-art audio hypnosis tracks with supplemental tracks that will help you to achieve your goals with total ease and confidence. It is suggested to listen to The Sales Zone Through Guided Meditation for 21 days in a row to yield the best results. Includes: Recording 1: Guided Meditation Instructions Recording 2: Introduction to The Sales Zone Recording 3: Sales Guided Meditation - Long Recording 4: Sales Guided Meditation - Short Recording 5: Five-Minute Silent Meditation Recording 6: Eight-Minute Silent Meditation Recording 7: 15-Minute Silent Meditation Recording 8: 30-Minute Silent Meditation