The Psychology of Success: Scientific American Mind


Written By: Scientific American

Written By: Mark Moran

Length:1 hour and 41 minutes

Customer Rating :3.85

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Audiobook Summary:"The Social Psychology of Success": New research explains why performance on intellectual and athletic tasks is shaped by awareness of stereotypes about groups. "The Orgasmic Mind": Achieving sexual climax requires a complex conspiracy of sensory and psychological signals - and the silencing of your brain. "A Face in the Crowd": Is our ability to recognize faces hardwired in the brain - or the result of lots of practice? "Buried Prejudice": Deep within our subconscious, we all harbor biases that we consciously disapprove of - but we act on them. "Imagined Ugliness": Some people are convinced they are hideously deformed because of obscure or nonexistent flaws.

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