The Pray'n Mantis


Written By: Marvin Harvey

Written By: Emily Ward

Length:2 hours and 19 minutes

Customer Rating :3.7

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Audiobook Summary: What would it be like if you were chosen by God to fight in a battle for him? Plucked from their home at an early age, Phoenix and Joseph Toby are trained as warriors and begin a life of righteous battle. Through the years of struggles and uncertainty they meet a group of people destined to help them overcome the evil spirits sent forth from hell. Joined by Cosmo, Wisdom, Vera, Risen, Faithful, Mistress, Trumpeter, and Lady Mantis, they find the strength they need to do battle for good. Phoenix's strength is tested to the utmost, and he must pray to overcome his flesh and fight in the spirit if he is going to win against the unknown. In this beautiful allegory, Marvin Harvey introduces a world of people waiting to discover whether they will live in chaos or peace - and shows just what it takes to attain the latter. Listen, and share the victories, the defeats; the sorrows and the joys; and ultimately the faith of The Pray'n Mantis .