The Pleasure of Finding Things Out (Unabridged)


Written By: Richard P. Feynman

Written By: Dan Cashman

Length:8 hours and 47 min.

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Audiobook Summary:"This marvelous collection of talks, interviews, and essays offers a memorable sample of the wit, brilliance, and irreverence of the most celebrated physicist of our time," says Alan Guth, author of The Inflationary Universe . "The more one reads of Feynman, the more one falls in love with his refreshingly enthusiastic view of the world." The late Richard P. Feynman won the 1965 Nobel Prize in physics for his many contributions to physics, especially for his work on quantum electrodynamics. One of the most famous and beloved figures of our era, both in physics and in the public arena, he is the author of many popular and scholarly books, including The Meaning of It All and Six Easy Pieces , which was named one of the best 100 nonfiction books of the 20th century by The Modern Library. "Every one of the short works is a pleasure," says Rocky Kolb, author of Blind Watchers of the Sky . "Feynman is always outrageous, at times courageous, and often movingly eloquent as he ranges from computers to the role of science in society."