The Master & the Muses (Unabridged)


Written By: Amanda McIntyre

Written By: Helen SternCharlotte ParryElizabeth JasickiGraeme Malcolm

Length:12 hours and 55 min.

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Audiobook Summary: They are his inspiration. He is their obsession. Icon, rebel, unabashed romantic.... With a single look, painter Thomas Rodin conveys the ecstasy of creativity - the pleasures awaiting the woman who can fuel his artistry. The Innocent: "What did this master artist see in me? Genius abided in his soul, rapture in his flesh - I doubted not. To refuse folly. To sensual salvation." The Upstart: "I chafed at the bonds of servitude until he set me free. I turned my back on all that I knew to follow him and found myself between two men - master and student - one whom I loved with my heart...the other with my body." The Courtesan: "I understood, perhaps better than any, his needs. I stoked the fires of his soul, the spark of his creativity - he made me a legend. But never could I forget his searing touch...." Three transcendent tales of women bewitched by a master of seduction - a slave as much to his art as to his boundless passion.

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