The Lowdown: Dodging the Bullet - Effective Risk Communication Skills (Unabridged)


Written By: Andrew PowellAndrew Roberts

Written By: Steven Pacey

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Audiobook Summary: Communicate like a great leader! Risk Communications is a skill that can enable you to communicate like a great leader during difficult situations - and to make sure that what you say is remembered. During high-stress, high-concern, controversial, or low-trust situations, normal ways of communicating change. Attention spans shrink and 'mental static' severely limits the ability to listen. This medical fact underpins the central theme of this book: In situations of high stress, high concern, high stakes, and controversy - the ground rules of communication are different! The Lowdown: Dodging the Bullet - Effective Risk Communication Skills summarises some of the science behind risk communications, chronicles the four main theories of risk communications and gives you practical advice that will help turn you into a great communicator, both at work and at home - no matter how stressful the situation! Topics covered include: What Risk Communication is and why it is important to learn how to cope in highly charged, emotional situations Risk perception in society today and how the media machine plays on your fears How to break through 'mental noise' and be sure that you are heard How to ensure that you appear trustworthy and credible 'Negative dominance' and how to overcome it Using Risk Communications at work Using Risk Communications at home