The Joy of Success (Unabridged)


Written By: Tommy Newberry

Written By: Tommy Newberry

Length:1 hour and 26 minutes

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Audiobook Summary: God intends for you to maximize your full potential! Never before in this country has there been a more pressing and compelling need for wise leadership in the renewing and rebuilding of America. This energizing audiobook will equip and motivate you to responsibly and assertively do God's work in a country and world badly in need of restoration. If you want to be a stronger leader, a more innovative entrepreneur, or more successful in your family life, then this Biblically rooted message is for you. In this inspirational, three-part series, Tommy covers: Why success is scriptural and your duty to rise above average The principle of cause and consequence Your true identity and why that matters The power of purpose Godly goals and huge thinking Working with all your might Disciplining your mind Daily Solitude and going into the silence The principle of association Activating your faith and taking bold action Becoming everything that God wants you to become Starting today Stir up the gifts of God within you and experience the joy of success!

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