The Four Loves


Written By: C.S. Lewis

Written By: C.S. Lewis

Length:2 hours

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Audiobook Summary:In this remarkable audio, C.S. Lewis shows why millions of readers have acclaimed him the greatest spokesman for Christianity in this century. In a resonant, baritone voice, Lewis explores the nature of the four Greek words that are translated love in English: Storge (affection) Philia (friendship) Eros (sexual love) Agape (selfless love) But instead of giving you a dry, theological treatise, Lewis makes the subject extremely personal and practical by showing you how easily natural loves can go wrong and pollute your relationships. He shows that what you often tend to excuse as natural behavior is really selfish and destructive. Lewis exposes these pitfalls in your loves in order to lead you to the solution - Godlike agape love, the kind of love God has for men and women and the kind you must develop and nurture in all relationships. As in his writings, Lewis doesn't merely tell, he shows these loves in action with vivid and often humorous illustrations. The images are so realistically drawn and so alive you are sure to recognize someone you know or live with - or maybe even yourself.

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