The Fountainhead (Unabridged)


Written By: Ayn Rand

Written By: Christopher Hurt

Length:32 hours and 1 min.

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One of the twentieth century's most ambitious novels of thoughts, The Fountainhead champions the cause of individualism through the narrative of a gifted young architect who defies the tyranny of normal public opinion. The challenge for personal ethics in a world that values compliance above creativeness is potently illustrated through three figures: Howard Roarke, the brilliance who is resented because he produces only for the joy of his own function as well as on no other conditions; Gail Wynand, the newspaper mogul and self made millionaire whose power was bought by forfeiting his ideals to the lowest-common-denominator of community taste; and Dominique Francon, the disastrous beauty whose desperate search for meaning is writhed, through despair, right into a quest to ruin the one objective of her want: Howard Roarke. Dramatic, poetic, and demanding, The Fountainhead remains among the towering publications on the current intellectual scene.