The First Victim (Unabridged)


Written By: Ridley Pearson

Written By: Scott Rosema

Length:9 hours and 54 min.

Customer Rating :3.13

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Audiobook Summary:In this gripping novel, Lou Boldt is back and entering dark territory. A shipping container washed ashore leads Seattle television news anchor Stevie McNeal and reporter friend Melissa on the trail of a scam involving the importation of illegal aliens. A career stepping-stone for McNeal, the investigation puts her at cross-purposes with the Seattle Police Department's Lou Boldt and Sergeant John LaMoia. When Melissa disappears, perhaps at the hands of the Chinese Triad, McNeal turns from foe to ally and teams up with the detectives on an investigation that takes them from Seattle's docklands to the offices of the Immigration and Naturalization Service.