The Feud that Sparked the Renaissance: How Brunelleschi and Ghiberti Changed the Art World (Unabridged)


Written By: Paul Robert Walker

Written By: Robert Whitfield

Length:9 hours and 34 min.

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Audiobook Summary:In this fascinating true story of artistic genius and personal triumph, the author brings to life Filippo Brunelleschi and Lorenzo Ghiberti, two talented, passionate artists, and the competitive drive that united and divided them. As this lush, imaginative history illuminates the drama surrounding the birth of a new artistic vision, it also explores the lives of other fascinating individuals, from Donatello and Masaccio to Cosimo de' Medici and Leon Battista Alberti. The Feud That Sparked the Renaissance offers a glorious tour of 15th-century Florence, a bustling city on the verge of greatness, during a time of flourishing creativity.