The Feast of All Saints


Written By: Anne Rice

Written By: Courtney B. Vance

Length:3 hours

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Audiobook Summary:In the days before the Civil War, there lived in New Orleans the gens de couleur libre - copper-skinned half-castes, liberated by their "owners," but confined by their color to a life of political non-existence and social subordination. Still, an aristocracy would emerge in this society: artists, poets and musicians, plantation owners, scientists, and craftsmen whose talents and reputations would extend far beyond the limits of their small world. Best selling author Anne Rice's probing, lyrical style sweeps you into their midst as she introduces Marcel, the sensitive, blue-eyed scholar; Marie, his breathtakingly beautiful sister, whose curse is to pass for white; Christophe, novelist and teacher, the idol of all young gens ; and stunning Anna Bella, whose allure for the well-to-do white man would become legend. Here is a compelling and richly textured tale of a people forever caught in the shadows between black and white.