The Fairy Tales of Old Europe: Traditional Stories of Europe and Scandinavia (Unabridged)


Written By: Red Door Audiobooks

Written By: Cathy Dobson

Length:6 hours and 39 minutes

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Audiobook Summary: A splendid collection of both well loved and little known fairy stories which have entertained and delighted children for many generations. "The Twelve Dancing Princesses", "The Golden Goose", "The King of Root Valley and His Curious Daughter", "The Horned Women", "East of The Sun, West of The Moon", "The Sleeping Beauty", In the Wood", "The Three Dwarfs", "The Nettle Spinner", "The Master Cat", "The Emperor's New Clothes", "The Lad with the Goatskin", "The Wonderful Birch", "The Enchanted Pig", "The Tinder Box", "The Frog Princess", "The Dragon of The North", "The Witch in the Stone Boat", and "The History of Whittington".