The Enemy (Unabridged)


Written By: Charlie Higson

Written By: Paul Whitehouse

Length:8 hours and 47 min.

Customer Rating :4.0

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Audiobook Summary:A brand-new heart-stopping audiobook from Charlie Higson, author of the best-selling Young Bond series, read by Paul Whitehouse - the most exciting thing you'll hear all year. They'll chase you. They'll rip you open. They'll feed on you.... When the sickness came, every parent, policeman, politician - every adult - fell ill. The lucky ones died. The others are crazed, confused, and hungry. Only children under 14 remain whole, and they're fighting to survive. Now there are rumours of a safe place to hide. And so a gang of children begin their quest across London, where all through the city - down alleyways, in deserted houses, underground - the grown-ups lie in wait. But can they make it there - alive?