The Dragon Diary: The Dragonology Chronicles, Volume 2 (Unabridged)


Written By: Dugald A. Steer

Written By: James Clamp

Length:5 hours and 41 minutes

Customer Rating :3.7

Retail Price:$19.99

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Audiobook Summary: From the creators of the New York Times best-selling Dragonology?. Daniel Cook and his sister, Beatrice, are thrilled to be studying dragonology with Dr. Ernest Drake a??- they're even awaiting the hatching of a dragon's egg in their care! But all is not well: there are rumors of a deadly plague affecting dragons around the world. Could dark dragonologist Alexandra Gorynytchka be behind the mysterious illness? The siblings soon discover that the secret to curing the dragons might be found in the Liber Draconis, a diary written by a wise dragon ages ago a??- a??if only they could decipher it! So they set off (with their mischievous dragon chick in tow) on the Dragon Express, riding one dragon after another in a race to bring Liber Draconisa?? - and a cure a??- a??to Dr. Drake before it's too late.

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