The Devil Served My Dinner (Unabridged)


Written By: Sunday John Robert-Eze

Written By: Shawna Windom

Length:1 hour and 31 minutes

Customer Rating :3.7

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Audiobook Summary: How You Can Turn Trials and Persecutions into a Ladder to Climb to Your Success All Christians face adversity. After all, Jesus promised us that we would. But that doesn't mean it's easy, and author Dr. Sunday John Robert-Eze is here to help Christians through the difficult process of dealing with the devil. In this biblically based book, The Devil Served My Dinner , Dr. Robert-Eze provides copious scriptural evidence for how Christians can use the attacks of the devil for spiritual gain. Join Dr. Sunday John on an unforgettable and inspirational adventure through the Bible that will leave you feeling more confident than ever about your spiritual walk with Christ.

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