The Critical Change Basics Needed to Prosper...Ignore Them and Risk Failure: The 30-Minute 'New Breed of Leader-Change' Success Series


Written By: Sheila Murray Bethel

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Length:30 minutes

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Audiobook Summary: Understanding the profound basics of the human change process prepares you to avoid making serious leadership mistakes. If you ignore them, you risk failure. Grow stronger with the philosophies and actions that give the proper sense of urgency to your leadership strategies. Lessons from veteran television journalists Anderson Cooper and Gwen Ifill offer further wisdom and depth on how to become a change master leader. Globally acknowledged leadership and change expert Dr. Sheila Murray Bethel, author of A New Breed Of Leader, gives you immediately usable a leader who creates the future, not one that follows the crowd. She will cover these topics and more: Learn the four universal and timeless factors of how and why people react to change Eight steps to keep followers engaged while learning to live and thrive on change Why a sense of humor builds productivity and team unity, even in the midst of chaos Explore ways to build a new more flexible commitment to positive change