The Cowboy Call: Living for Jesus in the Western World


Written By: Dale Hirschman

Written By: Dale Hirschman

Length:3 hours and 13 minutes

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Audiobook Summary: For decades, rodeo cowboys held the reputation of being beer-drinking, woman-chasing, barroom-brawling hoodlums - a reputation many cowboys went above and beyond to earn. However, in the early 1970s, some cowboys went about changing that image. Several cowboys who professed a relationship with Jesus Christ decided to step into the light with their Christian faith. The Cowboy Call: Living for Jesus in the Western World is a compilation of short stories and testimonies of people doing just that - living out their faith in a setting where bulls are more common than Bibles, where the modern day cowboy spends more time in the saddle than he does in a church pew, and where the great outdoors offers spiritual insights aimed directly at the heart. Join author Dale Hirschman as he takes you inside the arena and out into God's creation, sharing encouraging and inspirational lessons about following Christ wherever you are.